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What Are You Eating Today?

I learned something new today (thanks to The Flavor Bible): asparagus pairs well with eggs

I was looking up how to season some asparagus, and the book recommended putting it in an omelet. Coincidentally, I was planning on making eggs too so ended up with the following:
Ooh, that sounds good.
Had some asparagus the other day that was sliced on an angle and lightly sauteed surrounding a piece of salmon on top of Italian bread toast. I think it was soaked in olive oil too.

The asparagus is growing here and we have been harvesting tons of shoots. Best picked fresh and eaten lightly nuked. Toss some into your next frittata.
With the family away in Canada for a few days I made one of my favorite meals that no one else in my family likes. It's really easy. Fry some pork chops. Put some tomato sauce on top and some cheese. I made 3 nights worth. But a week ago my wife had made some real chunky home made pasta sauce so I used that instead of store bought canned tomato sauce.

Home made sauce is so much better than the can. Can stuff in all runny. This stuff my wife made could be a meal itself it's so chunky.
How long has this been going on?

I was preparing this 20240426_173409[1].jpg when I looked more closely at the packaging of the pork. It said "lightly infused".

On closer examination: Pork 88% Water, acidity regulator, (262.331) Salt, Maltodextrin (Maize) Mineral salt (500), Antioxidant (316), Canola oil.

No wonder they can claim it's always tender. It's engineered to be that way.

I'll be buying less of it, but I'm going back to buying my meat at the butcher's
I just made a very colorful salad.
A can each of yellow corn, black beans, and diced tomatoes. Added some celery, yellow sweet peppers, and spinach.
A little oil, a squish of lemon juice, a sprinkle of Italian seasoning.
Prime rib roast for six bucks a pound? I'm all over it!

Carrots, potatoes, half a red onion, a small can of beef broth and a cup of pinot noir. 8+ hours in a slow cooker on low. You don't need a knife to cut the meat.
Scrambled eggs on toast with avocado and shredded Monterey jack cheese.
What I made for dinner:
  • Baked panko-crusted swai (fish fillet) with tartar sauce and sliced lemon (on the side)
  • Cooked spinach with a dash of lemon juice for a kick
  • Sweet potato waffle fries with ketchup (on the side)
One of my sons doesn't like fish too much, but for some reason loves the swai. It seems pretty mild and doesn't have a lingering, fishy taste.
A new breakfast for me.

Microwave a small potato, 3 1/2 minutes.
Warm up frozen green peas in the microwave, 1 minute.
Scramble eggs with ham.
Mix and add a little sesame dressing.
Rib eye steaks 10.99 a pound? I'm all over it. They came in 3 packs so I bought two. Vacuum sealed 4 in two packs each and cooked the other two for the wife and me for dinner. Best steak I've had in years. I could pull it apart with a fork.
Sweet potato muffins. Didn't have any pecans, so I used chopped peanuts.
We are having mashed potatoes with bacon bits through it, baked in the oven until the cheese on top melts. We are also having large flat mushrooms, also baked with butter, garlic and herb seasoning, and balsamic glaze. Bilby is having sausages and I am having salmon. I can’t have sausages yet, they have too much fibre and my guts don’t seem to be able to handle fibre at the moment.
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